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Visit your local animal shelter

I’m not into the heat, but in the mornings it feels pretty good- I usually take my dog out for a walk, I’ve always been a cat person, but having a small dog is great!
There are many animal shelters in the surrouding areas, I think this is a great time to adopt a pet – a cat , a dog.  Of course here at the Library we have an interesting book on Animal Shelters:” Lost and found”636.083H and in the Juvenile section  J636.7:”Chihuahua”
I have a Chihuahua – don’t under-estimate these little dogs, recently on the News I saw a video of a Chihuahua chasing robbers out of a convenience store and biting one of them on the heel and continued chasing them out of the store- those robbers  had guns!!
These little Chihuahuas are loyal and stand up for you- actually my little”Chi” knocked over a Rottweiler (they’re big dogs over 100 lbs! – she head butted it in the rear) that dog got too close. They just don’t know they are small and because they’re small  doesn’t mean they’re not great guard dogs. These dogs are also very athletic, they are not just lap dogs.
When you are thinking about adopting a dog – don’t over look the Chihuahua!
Posted by: Margarita