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Whats in a color

It’s that time again, the sun is shining and the cold and rain are slowly disappearing, and it time it start weeding the garden.
I am personally into roses and there are many different type to choose from : Rose Trees, Tea roses, Miniature roses and others – we have books on roses in the 635.933 section of the library.
Then I stated to think about all the different of colors and meanings

  • Red rose:  passion and love
  • Pink rose: grace and happiness ( I have lots of pinks)
  • Orange:  excitement  (There is a rose called Disneyland: its orange)
  • Yellow : Friendship and joy
  • Purple: pride and success
  • White: innocents
  • Green : good luck (they do exist with such names as :Greensleeves and St, Patrick Day)

What kind of rose or flower garden do you have?
Posted by: Margarita