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Wild Things at the Library!

Four hundred kids and adults showed up in Library Park for the 4th annual visit of Gabe and his wild things. Sponsoring this show is just one of the many wonderful things that Friends of the Orland Library do for the library.DSCN1715-001 DSCN1721 DSCN1733 DSCN1736 DSCN1750 DSCN1751 DSCN1725
It was a great show this year, with appearances by Samantha the lemur, Precious the rattlesnake, and Rose the Chilean rose tarantula. Ularu the baby kangaroo climbed out of his pouch to visit with the crowd, and a beautiful African serval cat who doesn’t even have a name yet made one of her first appearance at a wildlife show.
Then it was time for Izod the alligator, who patiently let a long line of children and adults touch him. Everyone enjoyed the show!