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Things to do in the Month of November

Here we are just before Thanksgiving and thinking about Christmas.
But Wait!  Its  November the leaves are just dancing off the tree in beautiful color of gold, red, green and the feel of a crisp cold wind and
1) Check your gutters-lots of leaves are falling and they can clog your rain gutters, and can cause damage. But you know after all that hard work your ready for a snack
2) Cheese tasting: a little protein treat. Once your inside feeling warm – snuggle up to a cheese platter and read a book on how to make cheese”Cheesemaking made easy” 637.3C  give you a little insight and  inspires you to eat more!
3) Get out your knitting basket Knit a scarf, socks, mittens, blanket, jacket, hat- I could kept going on Oh!, the feel of warmth.The knitting section starts in the 746.97
4) Add flowers to your decor – Buy bulbs- Do forced bulbs using hyacinth and paperwhite bulbs.There are some special vases you can use or if you are a visual person we have books in the 635.9-635.944 to show you how to force bulbs. Very beautiful for the romantic at heart.
5)  And last but not least: Cookies!   It keeps the house warm and smelling good – They make wonderful pre-christmas gift for your cookie monsters.
Oh, by the way We have lots of cookie books
Posted by: Margarita