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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Library

Get your green on! Come to the after-school storytime tomorrow for some Irish music, Irish stories, and a luck o’ the Irish craft. Miss Nancy has fun activities planned to highlight the Emerald Isle.
How much do you know about Ireland and St. Patrick?  Take this little quiz and see how you do.
1.  St. Patrick was from:
a) England  b) Ireland  c) France
2.  St. Patrick is most famous for:
a) driving the snakes out of Ireland  b) bringing beer to Ireland  c) spreading Christianity in Ireland.
3.  The shamrock is a symbol of:
a) the Trinity  b) good luck  c) Guinness beer
4.  Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to give you:
a) good luck  b) good health  c) the gift of gab
5.  One thing you should never do if you catch a leprechaun is:
a) kiss him  b) take your eyes off him  c) pinch him
6.  A leprechaun’s occupation is:
a) making shoes for the fairies  b) digging for gold  c)  brewing beer.
7. Name the colors on the Irish flag:
a) red, white, and green  b) green, white, and orange   c) green and gold
8.  A shillelagh is a:
a)  leprechaun’s hat  b) gold coin  c) stout wooden club
Answers:  1. a  2. c  3. a  4. c  5. b  6. a  7. b  8. c
Posted by Nancy, whose grandfather came from County Louth, Ireland