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Daylight savings or an Experimental Sunday making a Sundial

Hey, don’t forget this weekend is Daylight Saving Time – Fall back, turning clocks back an hour on November 7th. 
Here’s a little history lesson: Did you know that every State except Arizona and Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time 
DSL was first observed in 1918 to conserve Daylight energy during WWI.
For many, many years  Daylight savings Time was in Oct. In 2005 Daylight Saving was changed to the  first Sunday in November
Have you every wondered or maybe it’s just me! – What about those people who use a Sundials.
How do they tell time? – Well, here at your local library – we have a book on how to build a sundial, you know this place really surprises me ! and there is a section in it that talks about daylight savings time .                                           For those of you Master Builders, this is something you can make one out of cardboard or board. 
Or, you can be adventurous and make you own Sundial  Bridge -Oh, I’m trying to funny! ha,ha (I guess I didn’t make it)
The Book is called “Making a clock-Accurate Sundial”: J 681.11 M.- gives you lot of diagrams, and basic patterns.
Well, don’t forget you get to sleep in an hour longer on Sunday, especially if you stayed up late on  Saturday .
Well, that’s it !
Posted by: Margarita


  • Eric
    Posted November 5, 2010 9:43 am 0Likes

    Great idea Margarita! I think I’m going to try it very soon….

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