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La Picaflor

Now that  we are in March and the weather is still a little stormy, but  this is a great month for the reappearance of the Picaflor or by its English name the Hummingbird.
Its time to prepare the feeders , make sure they are clean of mold or purchase a new one . A good way of preparing the nectar is to do it yourself – it’s very easy: 1 part sugar to 4 part water, bring to a boil and  cool and fill feeder. Refrigerate extra sugar water or just do 1/4 sugar to 1 part water and you don’t need to add dye , the little bird will come . Nectar should be replaced once a week.
The Hummingbird has a tongue shaped like a W, to get  nectar from flowers . It’s  has a life span of 3-5 years. Heartbeat 1260 per min. Females are larger than males , Baby hummers are the size of a penny, and has a Figure 8 motion in its wings (When you see it in slow motion)
In Mexican culture, the Picaflor is the spreader of life on Earth, in many markets in Mexico the Picaflor (Hummingbird) is captured and dried (mummified) and sold as a love charm- its pretty much is a love charm alive,especially when it presents itself in your garden.(Flying like a speed demon and a dive bomber)  It’s such an interesting and beautiful little bird, that also flies forward and backwards and has very colorful plumage. For more info. on gardening and what to plant in your hummer garden: 635.96 Hummingbird Garden and to see some beautiful pics: 598.899 Hummingbird photos
Aztec name: Huitzilopochtli -God of war
Posted by : Margarita


  • Jody
    Posted March 3, 2011 6:28 pm 0Likes

    whoa! never heard about the mummified hummingbirds before…

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