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Online Job Help Now Available!

Access free job help resources through JobNow:
What is JobNow?
JobNow provides you with practical tools to help you get a job.  On the home page, you have three services to choose from:

1. Career Resources: Informative, easy-to-use, and free Internet resources for job seekers; including personality and career assessments.
2. Resume Builder: Featuring our Resume Lab, our Resume Builder provides the resources you need to craft a winning resume.

  • Resume Lab: Send your resume to one of our JobNow experts, and you will receive expert analysis within 24 hours.
  • Resume Templates:  To help you get started, we have included downloadable templates for four of the most common resume types.
  • Internet Resources for Resumes:  Search these carefully selected sites for more information on resume writing.

3. Ace the Interview: Featuring our Interview Coach service, this section provides resources to help you prepare for your interview.

  • Get Live Interview Coaching: Connect with one of our live interview coaches to brush up on your interview skills
  • Interview Tips: Offers tips and common interview questions to help you prepare for your interview
  • Internet Resources for Interviewing: Use these carefully selected sites to help prepare you for your interview.

How can interview coaches help me if they know nothing about the job I’m seeking?
Our live interview coaches are trained to help you formulate responses to common questions through an online mock interview. Obviously, jobs vary in terms of the skills and background required, but interviewers often ask many of the same basic questions (such as “why do you want this job?”). Your answers to these questions will, in large part, determine whether your interview is a success.  And while your interview coach may not know much about the job you’re seeking, they can help you perfect techniques for tackling substantive questions.
What is an online mock interview?
An online mock interview helps you improve your interviewing skills by giving you plenty of practice under simulated interview conditions by asking you common interview questions.

  • You respond through instant messaging
  • At the end of your interview, your interview coach will provide you with constructive feedback and interview tips.

How do I enter a mock interview?
Simply select “Ace the Interview” on the homepage and click “Get Live Interview Coaching”. You will then connect with a live interview coach using the Brainfuse Online Classroom. The online classroom supports instant messaging.
What software/hardware do I need for live interview coaching?
All you need is a computer with Internet access (our classroom is Mac/PC compatible).
* Please remember to disable your pop-up blocker when entering our online classroom.
While JobNow requires no download, it may take a few minutes to enter your session for the first time.

How does the Resume Lab work?

Simply submit your resume and/or cover letter and receive constructive comments from a JobNow resume expert within 24 hours.
In order to use the Resume Lab, you will need to register. Registering is easy and free and only requires you enter a username, password, and valid email address. This information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than the resume lab.

What types of comments can expect from the Resume Lab?
Our resume experts will identify grammatical and stylistic errors and provide you with constructive comments regarding the effectiveness of your resume and cover letter. You will not receive feedback regarding specialized substantive areas. For instance, if your resume for an engineering position includes detailed technical information, our resume experts will not comment on the technical accuracy or relevance of such information.
What are the qualifications of JobNow interview coaches and resume experts?
All JobNow coaches and resume experts undergo a rigorous selection and training process.  We require applicants to have a four-year degree, be based in the U.S. and submit to a complete background and reference check. All JobNow coaches and resume experts receive initial and ongoing training in their respective positions.